Think She’s Pregnant? Do Everyone a Favor and Don’t Ask

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen my post yesterday imploring folks to NEVER ask a woman if she’s pregnant. Earlier that day, while holding Stover at Publix, a bagger asked if I was pregnant with my second child.


I politely replied that I’d recently had my second, then beelined for the car, where a flood of emotions rushed over me.

I wanted to cry away the hurt. I wanted to scream in frustration. I wanted to inhale a pint of ice cream. Clearly, I was all over the place. (more…)

A Much-Needed Reality Check @ 5 Weeks Postpartum

I’m sure you’ve heard of mamas dropping weight like crazy when they breastfeed. Me? I pack on the pounds like a bear heading off to hibernate.images-23Remember that board game, Hungry, Hungry Hippos? Dude, that’s me. I can eat a big breakfast and as soon as my plate is cleared, I’m ready for round two. My hunger is insatiable.

So, despite returning to my pre-pregnancy weight within days of giving birth, and despite resuming my sweat sessions at CrossFit and running, I’ve gained back 6 pounds. Sigh.

This same scenario unfolded after having my first baby, too, leading me to believe that my body naturally wants a little extra padding to maintain milk production. (more…)

One-Month Baby Update + Newborn Pics

A month ago today, Miss Coral Lee arrived in our lives and instantly stole our hearts. Every day I fall a little harder for this daughter whom I’ve always dreamed of.

4 weeks old

4 weeks old, milk dreams

Her eyes are blue, and with each passing day she grows more aware of her surroundings. She enjoys snoozing in her swing and lounging in the play room as big bro runs around like a wild man.

Speaking of her brother, Stover is proving to be an amazing one already. He likes to “help” push her stroller, races to her cradle to check on her and grabs a pacifier when she cries. Sure, there are times when he tries to poke and prod her like a science experiment gone awry, but he’s learning.

As for me, I’m consciously letting the self-doubt and indecision that plagued me as a new mama roll off my back. Instead, I’m channeling my energy into soaking up these precious newborn moments.

I’m watching her wrinkled forehead go through a million expressions as she naps. I’m snuggling with her on the couch after nursing sessions. I’m rubbing her oh-so-soft skin and hair.

Happy one month birthday, little girl. I am one blessed mama.

Welcome to the World, Baby Girl

As each pregnancy is different, so is each birth…

Last Tuesday afternoon, I received alarming news: My weekly non-stress test indicated that the umbilical cord might be wrapped around baby girl’s neck or knotted somewhere, which could become hazardous, even fatal. My OB, Dr. Robert Chaitin, recommended inducing me that evening.

The risk of waiting for my water to break wasn’t worth the potential harm, so I grabbed my suitcase, kissed Stover goodbye and checked in to Jupiter Medical Center.


Baby on Board: I Ran 800 Miles While Pregnant

This morning, I had the pleasure of running my 800th mile while pregnant with baby girl. Yes, you read that right – since getting knocked up at the beginning of January, I’ve logged 800 miles (as calculated by my MapMyRun app; mileage does not include any running done during CrossFit workouts).

Whew. The miles weren’t always easy, or fast, but they were worth it. Running is my therapy; it is on runs that I check out of my day-to-day routine and check in with myself. It reminds me of who I am (not just someone’s mom) and that I am stronger than I think, something that I think is true for every one of us.

Here are a few running tips that work just as well for beginners as they do for preggos:

1. Walking breaks are A-Okay! I used to be so damn stubborn about this, to the point where I would jog in place at stoplights because walking was just so…weak. That’s BS. Now, I happily add in a 10-20 second walking break after every mile. Think of it as a reward for every mile you complete.

2. Pace? Schmace!  Celebrate the fact that you are out there. Who cares if it was a 13-minute mile? You ran it.

3. Just breathe. The hardest part is getting out the door. You got this. You can do this. Believe in yourself!

I hope to run up until the day this little girl makes her grand appearance (ANY DAY NOW, please)…

When Will Baby Girl Arrive? Place Your Bet


Went Running, Landed in ER

Before I begin, let me say: I am OK and so is baby girl….

Last Sunday evening, I set out for a four-mile solo run on sidewalks around town. I run with music playing on my iPhone but don’t wear headphones.

On the final mile, I was approaching a blind, 90-degree corner when a motorized bicycle suddenly appeared on the sidewalk and – bam! – rammed straight into me. I never even heard or saw him coming.

The accident happened on the sidewalk at the corner of Countyline Road

The sidewalk accident happened along County Line Road, where it turns sharply (bottom left corner of map)

Next thing I knew, I was curled into a ball on the grass. I heard people run up (two cars pulled over) and ask if I was hurt. I was in such shock that I kept repeating, “I’m 9 months pregnant.” They called 911 and my husband as sobs racked my body.

All I could think: Oh my god, is my baby OK??